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Registered domain Pinoybuilt.com

There are no 'Filipino Strength' t-shirts in Maui

Who wants a Pinoy Built t-shirt?

Maui: My family and I are vacationing in Maui for the first time. I planned on getting 'FILIPINO STRENGTH' t-shirts, just as I had done when I had vacationed in Oahu. But I found out, those 'Filipino Strength' tees are only available in Honolulu. A friend did tell me about the brand 'Maui Built.' We went to the store and bought some cool apparel.

Then I thought that maybe I can start a 'Filipino Built' brand. My aunt thought that it was too long of a name. So I shortened it to 'Pinoy Built.' I registered the domain name on March 29, 2011.

If anyone has an idea for a 'Pinoy Built' logo, let me know.  A Lapu-Lapu design is my idea for the first one.


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