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Does It Lumpia: Series Preview

I don't think I've ever met a person that doesn't like lumpia.  I refuse to believe such a person exists.  I love lumpia because it's a staple of Filipino food and everyone has their own recipe & style.  Some people use pork, my mom uses beef, some people use a combination of pork & beef.  One of my Auntie's puts soy sauce in the filling. My mom makes hers skinny, another Auntie cooks the filling halfway through so she can make her lumpia thick.  Everyone has their own version and they are all good!

Now that I'm an adult living in Southern California, it seems like the process of making & rolling lumpia is a dying art.  It's so much cheaper, quicker & easier to just to go Seafood City or Island Pacific, and buy a bag of frozen lumpia.  Even the huge chain stores like Von's & Ralph's are starting to carry them!  Growing up, if there were left over wrappers, my mom would make cheese lumpia.  Once, I made stuffed green peppers and had left over filling.  I remembered my mom's cheese lumpia and the idea that basically anything wrapped up and fried would be good.  So I wrapped up the extra filling and my 'Italian' Lumpia was born.

I have created a series called:  Does It Lumpia.  It's a series where I create crazy, fusion lumpia and have my friends & family try it out.  I'm mixed Filipino & American and I'm ready for Filipino food to go mainstream even if it's one craft lumpia at a time!  Check out this preview and stay tuned for Episode 1.  You won't believe some of the things I wrap up and make my crew try!  Let me know what you think in the comments!

- Mary Grant
Los Angeles, CA
*To see more, you can find me on social media @MaryGrantTheFilipina 

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