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Margarita Fores is determined to elevate 'Filipino Food' on the culinary scene

Filipino food is rarely mentioned amongst the stars of Asia's culinary scene, but Margarita Fores is determined to change perceptions, one dish at a time.

Margaria Fores, Asia's 'Best Female Chef,' on 'Filipino Food'

Margarita "Gaita" Araneta Forés is a Filipina chef and restaurateur. She is the President of food-related ventures like Cibo Inc., Cafe Bola, Pepato, Lusso, Alta, Grace Park, Sostanza Health Line, and Fiori Di M. She is known for fusing her Italian background with Filipino cooking and ingredients. She highlights the best of the Philippines with the best of the world. In her restaurants, she uses organic ingredients not only to promote healthy eating but to help the farmers who produce them as well.

She was the one who prepared the welcome dinner for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit for APEC leaders, together with Glenda Barretto, founder of Via Mare, in Manila in November 2015.

She is Asia's Best Female Chef for 2016, according to Asia's 50 Best Restaurants awards. The Asia's Best Female Chef recognizes exceptional female chefs who earned the respect and admiration of those in the industry. More than 300 industry experts from the region voted for the Asia's Best Female Chef. Forés is the first Filipino chef to win the award. She was also named as one of “Olay's 25 Over 25: Women who have Exceeded Expectations”.

Forés is the granddaughter of the Araneta Coliseum's creator, Amado Araneta, and was featured as one of the 12 most beautiful Filipinas in July of 2007. She is a Certified Public Accountant graduate of Assumption College, who had no formal education regarding food preparation or culinary arts. Her love for food and passion for creating the right ambience that goes with the food service have made her successful with her ventures.

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