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Vallejo City Councilman Bob Sampayan runs for mayor

Bob Sampayan seeks to become Vallejo's next mayor

City Councilman Bob Sampayan is running against Vallejo Planning Commissioner Landis Graden and former Vallejo school board trustee Bill Pendergast in this November's election.

Biography at BobSampayan.com:

Born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Bob is the oldest of two children. Raised in a career military family, Bob and his family frequently moved throughout the Pacific and United States. In the late 1950's, Bob, his brother, Steve, and his parents, Ruperto and Gregoria Sampayan, settled in Salinas, California.

Like many children raised in Salinas, Bob grew up working in the fields. He has been quoted as saying, "I know what it's like to scratch for a living. Growing up, working in the fields was a way of life for me and a lot of other young people. If you wanted extras, you had to work for it. There's nothing like hard work to keep you humble."

Bob worked his way through college by driving school buses, trucks, pumping gas and working on cars. He attended Hartnell Community College and San Jose State University and majored in Criminal Justice. Shortly after finishing school, Bob joined the Salinas Police Department, then the Palo Alto Police Department and eventually on to the City of Vallejo's Police Department in 1985.

During his tenure in Vallejo, Bob served as a patrol officer, field training officer and detective managing the Cadet Program, police reserves, civilian volunteers, Crime Prevention Unit and the Citizen's Academy. Over the years, he was promoted to Sergeant, Special Programs Manager and Area Commander of the Central Community Substation in Downtown Vallejo. Bob specialized in homicide and forensic investigations during his career leading to the arrest and conviction of the majority of his suspects.

He enjoyed a very successful 34 year career in public safety before retiring and working for the Fighting Back Partnership for four years. In 2011, he ran for and was elected to the Vallejo City Council where he continues to serve today.

In addition to Bob's long prestigious career in public safety, he is also the owner, operator and pilot of Egret Film Works and Aerial Productions specializing in still and aerial photographs of native wildlife and landscapes.

Bob has two grown children Arianna and Rob and two grand children Kaitlyn (13) and Braeden (8). He lives in Vallejo with his loving wife, Ramona and their pup, Roxie Anne.

Bob Sampayan's filed Campaign Disclosure Statement is here.

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