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Event: Warriors Seminar with Doug Marcaida and Fred Mastro

Filipino Martial Arts - Marcaida Kali

When: October 1-2, 2016
Time: 8 AM to 5 PM
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Cost $200.00 per person for two days
Register at www.413group.net.

$25.00 T-Shirt made exclusively for this event by Bayani Art

Watch "Kali Without Words | Filipino Martial Arts"

This is Kali. An art expressed without words and manifested with brutality in moments we hope to never encounter. This is my interpretation of what I captured.

It was a moment when Fred Mastro jumped in to replace one of his students during Doug's demonstration of Kali principles. He jumped in with respect and humility as Doug does with him during his demonstrations. This exchange happened without words. Even as Doug eloquently spoke, he did so without words because his audience spoke a different language.

The vast majority of learning happened with what we saw more than what we heard. In my interpretation of this moment, I chose to remove the words and instead add music...because the way in which the story is told is far more relevant than perhaps the story itself...the medium is the message.

The message is also clear. Kali is fluid. It adapts to energies and circumstances. It enriches that which we already know. It does not need words to flow from teacher to student. This is Kali without Words. -- From 'Funker Tactical'

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