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The Dying Art of Ancient Filipino Tribal Tattoos

Reviving The Dying Art Of Ancient Filipino Tribal Tattoos

"Full body tattooing was an ancient personal rite among the tribes of the Philippines. So much so, that when the Spanish landed there, took over, and officially named the region after Spanish King Philip II, they also implemented an ink-tastic nickname for the archipelago: 'Islands of the Painted Ones.'

Fast forward 500 years, and the ancient art of tattoos in the Philippines is in decline. But abroad, the ritual is finding a new home among the world's diasporas of Filipino immigrants."  Read more at AllDay.com.

The Dying Art of Ancient Filipino Tribal Tattoos-Mark of the Four Waves Tribes-Tatak Ng Apat na Alon
Photo credit: Facebook

The "Mark of the Four Waves Tribes" (Tatak Ng Apat na Alon)

They're a group of Filipino-American immigrants dedicated to re-establishing their connection to their heritage, via the ancient art of tattooing.

Spiritual Journey Tattoo

The official tattoo shop of Apat Na Alon tribe is the Spiritual Journey Tattoo.

Spiritual Journey Tattoo
7159 Katella Avenue
Stanton, CA 90680

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