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Vanessa Lim: FilAm @SDSU @DeltaGammaSDSU #GoAztecs

V A N E S S A   L I M 

Whats up everyone! My name is Vanessa Lim, (I know, so cheesy to open up with) let me tell you some fun facts about myself. :-)

Vanessa Lim: FilAm @SDSU @DeltaGammaSDSU #GoAztecs
Delta Gamma at SDSU.

  • I am currently a junior at San Diego State University pursuing a Public Health degree.
  • I am the eldest daughter of two sisters.
  • I am FilAm - half Filipino and half African American.
  • My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy.
  • I have a shih tzu named Snookie.
  • I was born in Woodlands, Texas (go Longhorns & Beyonce).

    Sunny San Diego

    The night life of San Diego.
    "It never rains in Southern California!!!" (its a song just in case some young people are reading this; that song is 100% true). The day I moved to San Diego it. never. rained. but then just last year it started raining like no other because of El Nino. long story... but ANYWAYS, Moving to San Diego for college was one of the toughest yet best decisions I have ever made. It was so hard leaving my family back in the Bay Area, but moving to San Diego made me find my true self and helped me learn how to live independently. The highlights of San Diego are the beaches, Lego Land, Sea World, the San Diego zoo, Balboa Park and others! The one thing that makes San Diego stand out to me is that I feel like I'm on vacation all while I'm going to school. San Diego is soooo different from the Bay Area. I feel like there is more stuff to do here for the young ones like me! I suggest everyone to visit San Diego once in their lifetime cause trust me, you will never run out of stuff to do.

    Vanessa Lim at Mission Beach, San Diego. Fil-Am, Filipina-American
    I love Mission Beach!
    Vanessa Lim at Pacific Beach, San Diego. Fil-Am, Filipina-American
    Me at Pacific Beach!
    I have to go more in depth about the beaches because c'mon we have a freeway called "Beaches" and I think that's pretty cool! My favorite beach is Mission Beach. I don't know why I'm obsessed with Mission Beach. It just gives me this vibe of the typical California stereotype. It also has an amusement park called Belmont Park. If you're from the Bay Area it's exactly like Santa Cruz but better. I love Santa Cruz, but I don't like the fact that I have to drive two and a half hours to get there. So that's why I think Mission Beach is 100 times better.

    You Snooze, you win!

    Vanessa Lim: My favorite restaurant in San Diego is Snooze! FilAm, Filipina-American
    When in San Diego, SNOOZE!
    I also have to talk about this restaurant that I have been obsessed with ever since I got to San Diego. Its called SNOOZE. If you ask anyone I know what my favorite place is, its this place! For ya'll that don't know, Snooze is a breakfast place! (If you look on yelp its the first one that pops up... thats how good it is!) I usually get the chilaquiles and one of the special pancakes that they have. The "OMG french toast" is probably their most popular item on the menu. 

    College life at San Diego State University

    Vanessa Lim: I love San Diego State University. FilAm, Filipina-American, Filipino-American
    I'm proud to be an SDSU Aztec.
    GO AZTECS! I am so proud to be a student at San Diego State University. One of the reasons I chose SDSU was because it is such a diverse school. Not like a UC where all you see are a bunch of Asian kids (sorry Asian kids). Plus, we have one of the best basketball teams! SDSU is also one of the best schools for studying abroad. I am actually going abroad this spring so I'm really excited about that :-) A day in the life of SDSU for me starts with picking out what I want to wear for the day. I usually wear shorts and a tank top because its literally so hot, plus you're walking everywhere which makes you even more sweaty. Then I go to all my classes and meetings throughout the day, or go to the library in between to get some studying done. Finally, I get to go home (favorite part) and see all my roommate, eat some dinner, and maybe go out with friends if I have time. 

    Delta Gamma Sorority

    Vanessa Lim: Proud to be Delta Gamme in San Diego State University. FilAm, Filipina-American, Filipino-American
    Delta Gamma -- my home away from home.
    At SDSU, I am a part of Delta Gamma sorority. I've been a part of it for 2 years now and it's made my stay here in San Diego so much more enjoyable. To me, Delta Gamma is my home away from home, I'm always excited to see my sisters when I come back to SD. From all the events, philanthropy work, to recruitment, my bond with these girls grow so much stronger everyday. It's such a relieving feeling when I walk into a new class on the first day of a new semester and see a familiar DG smiling back at me. Joining a sorority is so worth it. Ignore all the stereotypes and rumors, just rush, you will thank me later! You also make great connections for the future, and hey, it looks good on your resume!

    We just uploaded our new Fall Rush 2016 video. Check it out and see what DG is all about.

    Thanks for reading! XOXO

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