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Watch @JessMacCleary: Growing Up Filipino

Filipino Friday

Growing up Filipino

  • "There is no such thing as taking a picture alone."
  • "You could never do your chores on time."
  • "People will always make you eat balut."
  • "Buying your breakfast and realizing it's still alive."
  • "Education is a very important thing in Filipino culture."
  • "Mom you're yelling." Mom: "Hindi ko yelling. This is how I talk."
That's a pretty good list Jessica.  I can relate since I also grew up in the United States; I moved to Chicago when I was 9 years old.  My kids, I'm sure, would love this video -- especially the "education" part. Yes, your grades can always be better. I passed that on from my parents too. :D

I was going to invite Jessica MacCleary to join FilAm.us, but she already has quite the following on social media.
Ang galing mo Jessica.  Keep it up.  Btw, Jessica, your tagalog is pretty good!

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