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Janine Tugonon wins Nu Muses competition

Janine Tugonon bares all for Nu Muses 2017 Calendar

Janine Tugonon bares it all for Nu Muses 2017 Calendar
Photo: David Bellemere. Source: Twitter screengrab

Janine Tugonon was one of the 12 models to win spots in Nu Muses' calendar to "celebrate the forgotten art of the classic nude. The models were photographed by David Bellemere in an exclusive location and received $10,000 each.

Tugonon finished first runner-up in the prestigious Miss Universe pageant in 2012.

Watch Janine Tugonon's interview for Nu Muses calendar

"Hi! I"m Janine Tugonon. I currently reside in New York. Besides modeling, I'm passionate about acting. I would love to be in a Hollywood movie someday, and five years from now I would like to see myself in a big role in different movies - in Hollywood-produced movies, and running my own business, and maybe having a family."

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