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Dino goes to college at Yale University

Enjoy Yale Dino. We know you'll do well.

San Francisco International Airport:  Dropped off the Putongs: Vince, Joy and nephew Dean Putong at SFO. Dino is going to Yale University.

Dino is the first Benicia High School graduate to get accepted and attend either Harvard or Yale.  Represent!

Dean Putong goes to Yale University.
20 Aug 2017: Joy, Dino, Nica, Jian, Vince & my dad Ron.

First-year students in the Class of 2021 arrived on campus on Aug. 25. The 1,580 members of the Class of 2021 have travelled from across the country and around the globe to become the newest members of the Yale community. The Class of 2021, larger than the Class of 2020 by more than 200 students, will be the first to enroll in an expanded Yale College with 14 residential colleges. Some members of the new Class will be inaugural members of Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin Colleges, acting as pioneers who will help to establish new traditions and cultures of these two communities.
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