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NJ Filipino dies after testing positive for COVID-19

A 59-year old man from New Jersey died after testing positive for COVID-19. 

He had not traveled outside the country or had knowingly been exposed to someone with coronavirus per his son. He was diabetic and received dialysis treatment.

I'm not under dialysis, but I am diabetic so I know I really have to reduce my exposure.

Condolences to Peter Dario's family.

Dad, you fought so hard, but it’s time to rest. I’ll miss you so much, but I know for sure we’ll see each other again. For now, go ahead and eat all the lechon, sisig and mcdonalds that you haven’t been able to eat in forever. You’re free to bet on horses ..mom aint stopping you now. Go fishing under the bridge that we always go to. You’re free from this crazy world. You’re free from the pain and suffering. My dad reached so many people. Wherever you go, he’ll have a good friend. My dad is the type to ask 100 people if they’re hungry and then he’ll eat last. My dad even gives snacks and empanadas to our garbage guy. I never got to say bye or give him one last hug, but I felt his energy completely. See you later dad. We’ll hold it down here. Don’t worry. I love you ❤️ #begooddogood
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