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How to embed a @YouTube video in @bloggger

You can easily share a YouTube video to Facebook or Blogger, but you need to follow the steps below to allow a preview photo on this site (thumbnail when posted on Facebook).

  1. Go to the YouTube video.
  2. Click SHARE underneath the title.
  3. Click EMBED.
  4. Click COPY, bottom right.
  5. Click X to back out.
  6. Click SHARE.
  7. Click BLOGGER.
  8. Click EDIT HTML.
  9. Delete the previous code "<iframe... /iframe>."
  10. If there's a template code, click after the last "</h3>" and paste (CTRL-V).  This should paste the what you had copied in step #4.
  11. Click SAVE AS DRAFT.  
  12. Click EDIT POSTS.
  13. Click EDIT on first draft post.  
  14. Edit the title as needed.
  15. You can copy and paste the description of the YouTube video into the body of your post.
  16. Copy your body text into the SEARCH DESCRIPTION.
  17. Enter at least two labels:
    • Your name (or username in Glenn's case ;-)
    • an existing or new label under which your post falls.
  18. Click LINKS / CUSTOM PERMALINK and edit as needed.  Click DONE.
  19. Click PUBLISH.
Note: I have an IFTTT script that auto-tweets posts on FILAM.ME to my twitter account @JFPerseveranda.  It currently has 13.2 K followers.  Since this posts under my public Twitter account, please be prudent.

Definitely optional: I like to add #hashtags to the blog post title initially.  After the post is tweeted, I edit the blog post to remove the '#.'

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