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I Salute You Captain Brett Crozier

I stand with Captain Brett Crozier.  He saved his mens' lives.

The dismissal of Captain Brett Crozier from command of a 5,000-person U.S. aircraft carrier comes two days after the commander’s letter leaked to the press. It is a dramatic example of how the coronavirus is challenging U.S. institutions, even those accustomed to dangerous and complex missions like the U.S. military. - Reuters

Navy fires captain of USS Theodore Roosevelt who requested COVID-19 help - CBS 8 San Diego

“No, I don’t think so at all,” President Trump says when asked if captain of aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, who is set to be relived of his duty, is being punished for trying to save the lives of the sailors in his command amid COVID-19 threat.

Yeah ok, Pinocchio.  We believe you.  SMH.  Read ABC News article.

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