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It's World Health Day: Thank your favorite nurse!

My mom, 1st on the left, and Tita Myrna (2nd from right) in Illinois Masonic Hospital. Chicago, IL. 1978
It’s World Health Day!

Today, we celebrate the work of nurses & midwives by showing our appreciation for their bravery, courage & resolve in the global #COVID19 response.
Tell us who your favourite nurse or midwife is 💐.

Of course, my mom is my favorite nurse.

One in 8 nurses works in a country other than where they were born or trained.

My mom was recruited fresh out or nursing school to work in the USA.  From 1960 to 1962, she worked in Jersey City, NJ and Chicago, IL.  My dad wanted to immigrate to the USA when they got married.  But mom told him she wanted to raise her kids in the Philippines first (and not have to raise them as latchkey kids in the United States).  My parents migrated in 1975.  At least, my sister and I were 9 & 10 years old when we followed the following year with our paternal grandmother.

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